Congratulations on arriving at the start of another week! Whether or not you have much time for games yourself, listen to the boys recommend the best way to stuff 30 minute windows of stolen gaming time, wax lyrical over the pedagogical approach Nintendo have taken with Super Mario Maker 2’s story mode, before settling in for another esoteric trio of video games linked only by their matching places on three distinct numerical lists.

Jonathan extols the virtue of doing a lot with a little on the Gameboy Advance’s diminutive screen; Chris details the outfit that saw him sneered at when attempting to master the Happy Gilmore swing at a local driving range; and Minty gets all tangled in pastel coloured yarn.

Also: an 'I Love You' present, an abrasive impression of a British children's TV institution, and at least one word that only Minty can comfortably wield in day to day life.