Into The Light
A Hijinx Production in association with Frantic Assembly, Teatro La Ribalta, Danza Mobile, National Dance Company of Wales and The Sherman Theatre.

Hijinx Unity Festival
This trailer gives you a taster of Hijinx Unity Festival: an annual arts festival celebrating the best inclusive and disability arts from around the world. The five day festival takes place in Wales each summer.
To find out more, visit their website. 

Getting Out of a Fix
Made for the 'Get More Out Of Today' Barclaycard campaign, 'Getting Out of a Fix' shows you how so many everyday mishaps and misfortunes can be solved through the wonders of Barclaycard!

Beneath the Streets: Lost and Found
A short film on the collaboration between Hijinx and Punchdrunk Entertainment in 2015 to create 'Beneath the Streets: Lost and Found'. An immersive and inclusive theatre piece, it ran from 26th June to 3rd July 2015 at Jacob's Market, Cardiff.

Flossy and Boo
Flossy and Boo have decided to run away from the circus to set up their own travelling curiosity shop, traversing the globe and collecting stories, songs and trinkets for their little cart. Flossy’s hobbies include twirling, collecting shiny things, allowing small (clean) birds to nest in her curls and bossing Boo about. Boo loves bubbles and custard. But not together. Mostly.
To find out more, visit their website.


The Stand
A short film about rugby, the class divide, and sandwiches!

1957: Llanelli’s pride and joy, the Scarlets, are playing a ceremonial match against a combined Oxbridge XV. But with tensions rising and dissent in the ranks, in this rugby battle between the Toffs and the Taffs there’s more than just pride at stake.

Due for release and distribution, July 2018

A pilot of the first episode of Service! The Live Sitcom.
Written by George Infini, Service! The Live Sitcom enjoyed a hugely successful theatrical run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017, and has now been adapted by Jonathan Dunn for the screen.

Due for release and distribution late 2019.

The official trailer for the short film boat. Nominated for the Brian Hibbard Award for Best Welsh Short at the Cardiff Independent Film Festival 2015. 

Triple Word Score
A short dark comedy film centred around a harmless game of Scrabble. Nominated for the Brian Hibbard Award for Best Welsh Short at the Cardiff Independent Film Festival 2016.


Inside: The Call Up
A behind the scenes look at writer/director Charles Barker's debut feature film, The Call Up. This featurette takes you inside the production of the British independent, sci-fi film, getting to know the cast, crew and all the trade secrets that goes into bringing a Blacklist winning script to life.

Starring: Max Deacon, Tom Benedict-Knight, Ali Cook, Christopher Obi & Morfydd Clark.

Inside: The Machine
A behind the scenes look at Caradog W. James' critically acclaimed indie sci-fi film, The Machine starring Toby Stephens, Caity Lotz and Denis Lawson.

The Art of Foraging
Local actor Oliver Wood takes you on a journey of exploration into the world of foraging and cooking with wild ingredients found in the Welsh countryside. Made for 3VTV.

167 Bridges - Stories from the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal
A chronicle of the lives of a disparate group of people who are all intrinsically linked by the indomitable 33 mile Welsh waterway. Shown at the Green Man Festival 2010.


David Constant - Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco
A scene shot for actor David Constant's showreel. Taken from Gary Owen's play Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco.

Gillian Harker - The Shooting Range
An original monologue shot for actress Gillian Harker's showreel.

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