Jonathan & Michael were privileged enough to serve as the Manchester Interview Unit on the new horror documentary The Nightmare, directed by the great Rodney Ascher (Room 237). On Saturday the 28th August, The Nightmare had its European premiere when it screened at Leicester Square's VUE cinema as part of Frightfest 2015. Jonathan was in attendance and these were his thoughts:

The Nightmare was a full sensory experience, fascinating and terrifying in equal parts and a wonderful offering of testimonies that I'll be left to ponder for a long time. Much like Room 237, Rodney Ascher, would rather serve his audience a platter of information to sample and savour rather than force any conclusions from his investigations. It's a great strength in this documentary that touches on eight different but similar experiences of sleep paralysis, that each person has a unique take on their nightmares, ranging from people turning to humour as a defence mechanism or turning to religion for ultimate salvation, and each recount is tinged with a hint of paranoia that will get under your skin to make you question which bits to believe, which side of spiritual, scientific or simply strange to come down on.

I was thrilled to a part of team involved in making this and absolutely delighted at how the interview I shot with Ste Paynter was treated in the edit, particularly a lingering emotion capturing real truth and intensity in his eyes that I'm thrilled made into the final edit of the film! smile emoticon and of course the wonderfully placed Highway to Hell poster!

Aside from my biased opinion of my own footage, I absolutely loved the presentation of the rest of the documentary. Some of the interviews were shot so hauntingly that they cut seamlessly with the incessantly brilliant dramatic recreations that perfectly captured and complemented the recounting of the interviewees. I really enjoyed the breaking of the fourth wall with glimpses caught of Rodney during the interviews, culminating in a fantastic steadicam shot on the set of the recreations provoking the potential link between these disparate individuals whilst Rodney looks on from the shadows!

All in all, a wonderful experience and one to be seen in the cinema if possible, so here's hoping it visits some screens further afield than here in London.

Night night!